Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring - Mocardine
Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring - Mocardine
Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring - Mocardine
Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring - Mocardine
Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring - Mocardine
Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring - Mocardine
Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring - Mocardine

Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring

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Looking for a stylish and functional way to upgrade your Harley Touring motorcycle? Look no further than the Mocardine Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring!

These saddlebags are crafted from high-quality materials that are built to last, and their sleek, Olive Gold finish is sure to turn heads wherever you ride.

  • Large capacity: These saddlebags are designed to be stretched and extend around the exhaust pipes, providing ample storage space for your belongings.
  • Durable construction: Users mentioned that the saddlebags seem to be crafted from high-quality materials, which should ensure their longevity.
  • Matching finish: The saddlebags are available in a gloss finish that matches the factory paint job of Harley motorcycles, giving your bike a sleek and customized look.
  • Easy installation: While there are no reviews mentioning installation specifically, most aftermarket saddlebags are designed for a straightforward installation process.

Olive Gold Saddlebags: Elegance Meets Functionality on Your Harley

The star of the show might be the functionality of these saddlebags, but let's not downplay the undeniable curb appeal the Olive Gold finish brings.

These saddlebags perfectly complement the existing paint job on your Harley-Davidson, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The Olive Gold finish boasts a high-gloss shine that will gleam in the sunlight and turn heads wherever you roam. But beyond aesthetics, the stretched design ensures these Olive Gold Saddlebags are more than just a pretty face.

They provide ample storage space for your gear, making them ideal for any journey you have planned.

Key Features

Wide Suitability

Hard stretched saddlebags are designed as storage units that can be installed to the sides of Harley touring models from 2014-2023, including Street Glide, Road Glide, Road King, Electra Glide, Ultra-Classic FLT, FLHT, FLHTCU, FLHRC.

Package included 1 x pair left & right extended saddlebag, 1 x pair saddlebag lids, 1 x set of saddlebag latches, 1 x set of saddlebag locks,1 x saddlebag liners.

Perfect OEM Retrofit Accessory

Go big or go home with our extended saddlebag. The bottoms get along perfectly with Harley Glide bikes. They are full-depth and extend around the exhaust, the premium look mixes greatly with the class of your Harley.

Made for the rider who wants to stand out in the crowd these extended saddlebags are exactly what your Harley needs for a complete rear end overhaul!

Saddlebag liners safeguards the items inside your saddlebag. It cushions the hard saddlebag for protection of your belongings, providing additional protection for your personal items and the bottom of your saddlebags.

Color-Matched saddlebags

Our hard stretched Harley saddlebags with lids are available in a shiny finish, high gloss finish matches OEM finish and can be mixed with factory color standards to create a unique look.

Specific Harley saddlebag with covers in perfect color matched will keep you from messing up the amazing paint job with boots.

High Quality Saddlebag Latch Covers And Saddlebag Locks

The Saddle Bag Latches Covers is simplicity itself, relying on a combination of fine detail , craftsmanship and quality materials for its effect. Saddlebag locks for Harley can help protect your expensive saddlebags from theft and Fly-Offs.

Ample Storage for Your Next Adventure

These saddlebags boast a spacious, stretched design that extends around the exhaust pipes of your Harley, providing ample storage for all your essential touring gear.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, the Mocardine Saddlebags will ensure you have everything you need within easy reach.

Perfect Fit and Easy Installation

Designed specifically for Harley Touring models from 2014-2023, these saddlebags ensure a perfect fit that integrates seamlessly with the look of your bike. Plus, the installation process is a breeze, so you can be ready to hit the road in no time.

Complete Peace of Mind

For added convenience, the Mocardine Saddlebags come with a set of saddlebag liners that protect your belongings from the elements. They also include high-quality saddlebag latches and locks to keep your cargo safe and secure.

Upgrade Your Ride with Mocardine Saddlebags

With their exceptional quality, stylish design, and functional features, the Mocardine Saddlebags Fit for ’14-’23 Harley Touring are the perfect way to elevate your motorcycle touring experience.

Don’t settle for anything less – order your saddlebags today and experience the Mocardine difference!

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