Tour Packs

    Discover the ultimate in touring convenience with Mocardine’s Harley Tour Packs

    Of course, motorcycle touring comes with the right gear, which is just as important as the ride itself. We have a complete line of Tour Packs, which bring together the best design and quality to fulfill the highest requirements of any genuine touring enthusiast.

    Superior Storage Solutions

    Our Harley tour packs are an integral part of your setup, offering maximum storage space while maintaining your Harley's sleek look.

    Whether your travel is just a weekend tour or that cross-country trip you owe yourself, plenty of the tour packs will keep your necessities safe.

    Designed for durability

    We construct every pack in our tour collection. Designed with high-quality materials, the tour packs will outlast varied weather elements and the different types of road environments, yet your belongings will still stay well protected and the tour pack will stay good for miles.

    Customization and compatibility

    As we understand that every rider, and in turn each Harley, is different, we present tour packs in different styles and configurations that would be of interest not only to personal preferences but also in accordance with the bike's specifications.

    These features range from integrated to detachable lighting, all customizable in color finishes, all just to fit you and your bike.

    Enhanced Riding Comfort

    We build each of our touring packs for comfort on the road, in addition to their ample space. One has a built-in backrest that provides comfort and support for the passenger while taking long rides.

    The design is perfect, ensuring that each of the tour packs complements your Harley's ergonomics and, consequently, enhances the ride experience.

    Why choose Mocardine for your tour pack requirements?

    We strive to provide products that enhance your experience, and our carefully chosen Harley-Davidson Tour Packs serve this purpose by offering high-quality and innovative features that are essential for motorcycle touring.

    Shop with us today and experience the difference that a high-quality tour pack can make to your touring adventures.