How much does a Harley Tour Pack weigh?

how much does a harley tour pack weight

Update Date: 2024-05-15

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their customization options and accessories. One popular accessory is the Harley Tour Pack, which is a storage trunk that mounts on the rear of touring bikes. Tour packs provide extra cargo space for long rides and tours.

Harley offers Tour Packs in different shapes and sizes, depending on the model. They allow riders to bring extra luggage and equipment without the need for saddlebags or other add-ons. The Tour Pack matches the style and shape of the bike's rear fender and locks for security.

Storage space is available inside the Tour Pack, as well as built-in speakers for music and GPS navigation in higher-end models. While on the road, the Tour Pack lid opens to the side, allowing easy access to the contents. Some Tour Packs feature brake lights, reflectors, and chrome accents for visibility and style.

Tour Packs are a popular upgrade for Harley touring motorcycle models like the Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Road King. They provide practical extra storage space while accentuating the classic Harley V-Twin styling. This article will look at Tour Pack options and weights across Harley's touring line.

Standard Tour Pack

Harley-Davidson designed the standard Tour Pack to offer extra storage capacity and comfort for longer rides. This touring luggage mounts on the rear fender and provides a large storage compartment while maintaining the classic Harley style.

The standard Harley Tour Pack includes the following key features and specifications:

- Dimensions of 21 inches wide, 16 inches tall, and 12.5 inches deep. This provides approximately 1800 cubic inches (29.5 liters) of storage space.

- Made from injection-molded hard saddlebags that are durable and weather resistant. Includes chrome latch hardware.

- The lid opens from the top, allowing easy access to the contents inside. Lids can be locked for security.

- Integrated backrest pad for the passenger provides added comfort on long rides. Can be removed when not needed.

- Mounts to most Harley Touring models with a detachable top case rack. Easy to install and remove.

- Weighs approximately 30 pounds empty.

- Includes passenger armrests, reflectors, and a Tour-Pak logo medallion.

- Optional accessories are available, like luggage racks, interior pouches, and more.

The standard Harley Tour Pack provides a great blend of form and function. With ample storage space and convenient access, it's an excellent luggage option for touring and long-distance riding. The classic styling maintains the Harley-Davidson look.

Ultra Limited Tour Pack

The Ultra Limited Tour Pack is one of Harley-Davidson's largest and most feature-rich touring luggage options. This spacious pack maximizes cargo capacity while maintaining the iconic batwing style.


- Width: 23 inches

- Height: 16.5 inches

- Depth: 9 inches

With 1700 cubic inches of storage space, you can easily fit 1-2 full face helmets or a weekend's worth of travel gear. The Ultra Limited Tour Pack is designed to hold plenty while maintaining a streamlined look.


- ABS plastic construction is durable yet lightweight

- One-touch latch opens with the ignition key or passenger pillion handle

- Integrated LED stop/turn/tail lights for safety

- Quick release hinges for easy removal

- Low-profile, flowing design complements the bike's lines

- Color-matched panels match your bike's custom paint

The Ultra Limited Tour Pack takes the classic batwing fairing to the next level. With ample cargo room and integrated lighting, it provides function and style for long-haul touring.

Road Glide Tour Pack

The Road Glide Tour Pack is designed specifically for the Road Glide motorcycle models. It has the following dimensions and features:

- Dimensions: The dimensions are approximately 21 inches wide x 16 inches tall x 14 inches deep. This provides a sizable amount of storage capacity on the motorcycle.

- Capacity: The Road Glide Tour Pack has a total capacity of around 1800 cubic inches or 30 liters. This allows you to pack a decent amount of items for trips and touring.

- Features: The tour pack lid opens to the side for easy access to your gear. It comes with a lined interior to protect your belongings. There is an integrated lock to securely shut the lid. The Tour Pack mounts directly onto the motorcycle using pre-drilled holes and includes the necessary hardware for installation. It has a smooth, contoured design to match the look of the Road Glide. The Tour Pack also has an integrated brake light and license plate holder.

The Road Glide Tour Pack adds ample cargo space and convenience for long rides. With its sporty design and large capacity, it's a great option for Road Glide owners looking to enhance their bike's touring capabilities. The integrated features like the brake light and lock also add functionality.

Street Glide Tour Pack

For Harley-Davidson Street Glide models, the Street Glide Tour Pack is a popular touring luggage option. This color-matched hard saddlebag offers ample cargo capacity while maintaining the bike's sleek styling.


- Width: 17 inches

- Depth: 7 inches

- Height: 12.5 inches


The Street Glide Tour Pack has a volume of approximately 1200 cubic inches per bag. This provides substantial cargo room for longer trips and touring. Each bag can fit a full-face helmet with additional space for clothes, tools, and other gear.


- Color-matched injection-molded hard saddlebags blend seamlessly with Street Glide bodywork

- Weather-resistant construction protects contents

- Integrated lock matches ignition key for convenience

- Detachable backs allow easy access to contents

- Chrome latch mechanisms and chrome badging accent the bags

- Can be equipped with optional luggage rack and passenger backrest pad

- Streamlined shape maintains bike's sleek profile

The Street Glide Tour Pack adds ample, stylish cargo room for riders looking to expand the touring capabilities of their Street Glide motorcycle. With their blend of form and function, these hard bags are a popular choice.

Road King Tour Pack

The Road King Tour Pack has a sleek, low-profile design to complement the Road King's styling. It has the following dimensions and features:

- Dimensions: 22" Wide x 19" Tall x 7" Deep

- Capacity: Approx 1750 cubic inches (28.7 liters)

- Color matched panel covers for seamless integration

- Dual density poly construction for durability

- One-touch latch opening for quick access

- Integrated lock matches motorcycle ignition key

- Can hold 2 full face helmets or other gear

- Rear lighting and reflectors for visibility

- Easy to mount or remove without tools

- Aerodynamic shape with integrated spoiler

The Road King Tour Pack provides ample cargo space while maintaining the bike's smooth lines. It's an ideal option for riders looking to add secure storage without compromising the Road King's classic styling. The one-touch opening makes accessing gear a breeze, while the lockable design keeps belongings secure while parked. With its durable construction and color-matched panels, the Tour Pack looks like part of the motorcycle.

Electra Glide Tour Pack

The Electra Glide Tour Pack is a popular choice for riders looking to add storage capacity to their bikes. This integrated luggage system seamlessly blends with the Electra Glide's styling for a sleek, custom look.

The Electra Glide Tour Pack has the following features and specifications:

- Dimensions: The dimensions are 20 inches wide, 16 inches tall, and 7 inches deep. This provides a generous amount of storage space.

- Capacity: The capacity is approximately 2300 cubic inches or 37.7 liters. This allows you to pack clothes, helmets, tools, and other gear for long trips.

- Construction: The Tour Pack is made from injection-molded polyurethane for durability. The latching system is automotive-grade.

- Quick Release: The Tour Pack can be quickly removed from the bike thanks to the one-touch latching system. This makes it easy to go from a touring setup to a lighter solo configuration.

- Integrated Lighting: The Tour Pack has integrated brake lights, turn signals, and running lights that activate when mounted. This maintains the Electra Glide's clean, custom styling.

- Backrest Pad: A padded backrest folds out to provide support and comfort for the passenger. It can be quickly folded away when not needed.

The Electra Glide Tour Pack adds both form and function. With its integrated design and large capacity, it's a great solution for Electra Glide riders looking to enhance their bike's touring capabilities.

Softail Tour Packs

The Softail models like the Fat Boy and Heritage Softail have smaller tour packs designed to match their style. These packs have a streamlined, minimalist look while still offering ample cargo space.

The Fat Boy tour pack has dimensions of 16.5 inches wide, 10.5 inches tall, and 7 inches deep. It provides around 950 cubic inches of storage capacity. The aerodynamic shape integrates smoothly with the Fat Boy's rear fender and lines. It has a quick-release latch for easy opening and a lockable lid to secure belongings.

Heritage Softail models can be equipped with similarly styled tour packs sized at 14 inches wide, 11 inches tall, and 7 inches deep. With around 850 cubic inches of volume, there's room for a helmet plus other essentials for short weekend trips. The clean, simple design suits the classic Heritage Softail aesthetic.

Both packs are made of durable ABS plastic in a UV-resistant black finish. They include integrated LED tail/brake lights and chrome latch hardware.

While more compact than large Tour Pak models, Softail tour packs offer ample space while complementing the streamlined styles of these cruisers. Riders who value minimalism can still bring key cargo without detracting from the bikes' sleek silhouettes.

Average Weight

Harley-Davidson tour packs can vary in weight depending on the model and size, but generally they fall within a weight range of 30 to 50 pounds when empty.

The Ultra Limited and Electra Glide tour packs tend to be on the heavier side, typically weighing 45-50 lbs. These are the largest tour packs Harley offers.

The mid-sized tour packs like the Road Glide and Street Glide models usually weigh 35-45 lbs empty.

The smaller tour packs made for Softail models and the Road King are the lightest, weighing 30-40 lbs without any gear loaded.

So in summary, Harley tour pack weights range from about 30 pounds on the low end, up to around 50 pounds for the biggest models. The average empty weight is approximately 40 pounds across all Harley Tour Pak models. But the exact weight depends on size and how much storage capacity is needed.


Tour packs are an important accessory for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, providing extra storage capacity and comfort for riders. The standard Harley tour pack typically weighs around 50 pounds empty.

Models like the Ultra Limited and Road Glide tend to have larger tour packs in the 55-60 pound range. Softail models have smaller tour packs around 40 pounds.

Overall, Harley tour packs average around 50 pounds empty. With cargo loaded up, expect the total weight to be 70-80 pounds or more. This significant added weight is why tour packs are designed to mount solidly and low on the motorcycle frame.

They allow riders to bring more gear and amenities for long trips and tours. The extra space also improves passenger comfort and back support. While heavy, Harley tour packs are an integral option for riders focused on touring.

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