Maximize Your Ride: The Best Fairing Air Deflectors for Harley Batwing

Maximize Your Ride: The Best Fairing Air Deflectors for Harley Batwing

Are you looking to upgrade your Harley Touring model for a smoother and more comfortable ride? Look no further than the Mocardine aftermarket side wings air deflectors. These brand new deflectors are specifically designed to fit 2014-2023 Harley Touring models, including popular models like Street Glide, Electra Glide, Road King, and Tri Glide.

How do Mocardine Side Wings Air Deflectors Improve Performance?

The Harley fairing adjustable air deflectors play a crucial role in diverting air away from the rider's arms and upper body. This feature helps riders stay cool during hot summer rides by maximizing air circulation. On colder days, simply close the vent to direct airflow around the fairing for added comfort.

What Makes the Adjustable Harley Side Wings Windshield Stand Out?

One standout feature of the Mocardine side wings air deflectors is the adjustable design. The friction pivot allows riders to easily adjust the airflow to their preference, providing a customized riding experience. This level of control ensures that you stay comfortable no matter the weather conditions.

Color-Matched Quality for Your Harley

Not only do the Mocardine side wings air deflectors offer outstanding performance, but they also come in color-matched options to seamlessly blend with your Harley Touring model. The high-quality hardware ensures durability and longevity, making this upgrade a worthwhile investment for any Harley enthusiast.

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