Harley Tour Packs: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Harley Tour Packs: What You Need to Know Before You Buy - Mocardine

Before purchasing a Harley tour pack, I gathered many riders' concerns. The purpose of this article is to provide simple yet crucial answers to these questions, with the hope of offering some helpful tips to everyone.

Choosing the Right Harley Tour Pack for Your Bike

Consider the size and style that fits your needs.

Harley-Davidson's original Harley tour pack comes in three sizes: Razor, Chopped, and King. The three sizes have the same footprint, with only the height varying. Therefore, the covers of the three sizes of Harley tour packs are the same. Only the dimensions of the internal compartments change, allowing you to choose them for different scenarios. To help more people understand their carrying capacity, I will provide specific examples. If you need detailed dimensions, you can see them when purchasing from any store.

Razor: The smallest Harley tour pack. It can accommodate a laptop or briefcase, a set of spare clothes, and a half helmet. I found that its storage space is sufficient for my daily work needs, and I use it to carry my lunch.


Chopped: The medium-sized Harley tour pack. It can hold enough items for an overnight stay, including rain gear, a laptop, a small amount of spare clothes, and basic camping equipment. It is suitable for preparing for a day and night trip, but it is best to confirm the supply point for the next day.

King: The king of Harley tour packs. If you often carry a large amount of equipment, it is very suitable for multi-day trips. I have tried planning a three-day trip with it, but remember to have a supply point after three days. This is already the limit.

Comes with slim or full backrest options, in color matched finishes, and chrome or black hardware.

the Harley Tour Pack's replacement parts typically require an additional purchase. When you buy a Harley Tour Pack, there are usually options to choose whether to purchase other items, including: choose color of latch and hinges, need a backrest, need tour pack mounting rack, need tour pack liners, and need tour pack metal plate.

When you purchase them together, you will get a more affordable price, as well as matching accessories and parts. It is worth noting that there are many manufacturers of Harley motorcycle accessories, and they all claim that their parts are compatible with the original factory ones. However, there are always riders who provide feedback after purchasing, saying that someone is lying.

Harley Tour Pack :Installation and Compatibility

Based on the current situation, most independent websites and Amazon sellers can provide Harley tour pack that matches the following models: Harley Touring Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra Limited, and Ultra-Classic from 2014 to 2023. However, if you have an earlier model and need a Harley tour pack, you can communicate with the corresponding seller via email, and there may be unexpected surprises. In fact, most factories still produce models from before 2014 or even earlier.

Harley Tour Pack : Care and Maintenance

Merchants usually tell you how to maintain and care for the product: for example, use a soft cloth and mild detergent to wipe it clean, use a protective agent to prevent fading and cracking, regularly check and tighten the hardware as needed, and avoid overloading the luggage to prevent damage. Here, I want to share my lazy method: I prepare a clean cloth and alcohol. I disinfect and wipe the interior space once a month or whenever I think it's dirty, and to prevent fading, I don't use anything, I just park the car indoors or in a dark corner where the sunlight doesn't reach. I only check the hardware and apply a little mechanical lubricant and tighten it during long trips, and I often overload my Harley tour pack.

A  Harley tour pack serves various essential purposes for your motorcycle:


When you can't enjoy a bike trip, having multiple Harley Tour Packs won't bring you happiness. However, if you are enjoying the pleasure of riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you can take a look at their benefits: providing convenient storage space for long-distance travel, allowing you to carry all necessary items. They also provide back support and comfortable armrests for passengers, making the ride more enjoyable. They enable you to pack efficiently, ensuring a lighter and more comfortable travel experience. They also protect your belongings from the external environment, providing peace of mind during your journey.







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