How to Choose the Perfect Harley Rear Fender for Your Bike

How to Choose the Perfect Harley Rear Fender for Your Bike - Mocardine

What is the best material for customizing a Harley rear fender? Do I need to make any modifications to my Harley if I install a new rear fender? How can I customize or paint my Harley rear fender? Are you clueless or eager to learn more when buying a Harley rear fender? Here are simple answers to a few important questions frequently asked by riders.

What is the best material for a custom Harley rear fender?

There are many materials for rear fenders, with steel and fiberglass being the most common. There is also a durable ABS plastic option. ABS plastic fenders for Harley Davidson motorcycles are also commonly found on the market. Like traditional fenders, they provide protection against falls and collisions, and the custom colors you choose will also stand out on this material. The important thing is that they are more affordable in price. I know that Harley riders want to customize their motorcycles, but they don't want to spend too much money on Harley accessories. Therefore, ABS plastic fenders for Harley Davidson motorcycles are definitely the preferred choice.

What are the different styles of Harley rear fenders?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the style we like, and the Harley fender is an important part of it. Currently, we need to consider specific issues such as the model of our bike, the year of the Harley motorcycle, and whether to choose an extended or reduced fender. If you want to shop online, most stores have Harley touring models from 2014 and above. However, if you email the store and say you need parts for older models, you may be pleasantly surprised because most factories still have production templates for previous years. Moreover, the original Harley fender will have pre-drilled screw holes and three-bar light holes. The extended fender looks more complete relatively because it can fill the gap between the rear fender and the saddlebag.

How can I customize or paint my Harley rear fender?

In Amazon stores or Google independent sites, there are usually hundreds of colors available for Harley motorcycle accessories. For example, chrome or black, classic or modern style fenders with built-in tail lights and turn signals. If it is a solid color, you can almost always find one that matches your Harley motorcycle. If you need personalized customization, different patterns, or personalized custom patterns, be sure to email the merchant you have purchased from before to ensure compatibility with your model. The important thing is that these stores will really support your personalized customization, you just need to contact them and send pictures.

 Installation Tips for New Rear Fenders - Remove your stock fender and any attached parts like lights or license plate bracket - Test fit the new fender to ensure proper alignment and clearance - Re-install any parts from your stock fender onto the new one - Double check all connections and test your lights before riding

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