The Ultimate Answers in the Harley Tour Pack Guide

The Ultimate Answers in the Harley Tour Pack Guide - Mocardine

In our comprehensive FAQ guide, you will find answers to all your questions about tour packs. Make the most of your tour pack experience, and don't miss out on this valuable resource.

A tour pack is a popular and highly practical aftermarket accessory for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Regardless of where you ride, how far you go, or the weather conditions you encounter, a tour pack can greatly enhance your riding experience.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions from our customers, and this comprehensive FAQ guide can assist you in deciding if a tour pack is suitable for you, which size is appropriate for your riding style, and provide information on how to install it on your motorcycle.

What is a Harley Tour Pack?

A Harley Tour Pack is essentially like a trunk designed for your gear, offering more versatility than you might initially realize. It is designed to be mounted behind you or your passenger, especially suitable for riding with a passenger. The Harley Tour Pack is easy to install, remove, and can be swapped out with a different size Harley Tour Pack based on your specific needs.

Why do we need a Harley Tour Pack?

If your riding frequency is low, you rarely need to carry anything, or you don't stay overnight during your journeys, you might think you don't need the secure storage space that a Harley Tour Pack provides. However, when you do need to carry any gear, such as a laptop, camera, change of clothes, groceries, and more, a Harley Tour Pack becomes indispensable. It offers the convenience of a locked, waterproof compartment that ensures the safety and protection of your belongings. In fact, the King Harley Tour Pack provides nearly as much storage space as a carry-on roller bag for air travel.

How big are Harley Tour Packs?

Harley Tour Packs come in three sizes: Razor (small), Chopped (medium), and King (large). It's important to note that all three sizes share the same footprint, measuring 19.3 inches in length and 21.3 inches in width. The lids for all three Tour Packs are identical. The primary difference lies in the size of the lower compartment, which varies to offer varying levels of storage space.

Razor: The smallest Tour Pack measures 7.9 inches in height at the rear and extends to 9.8 inches at the backseat cushion. It can accommodate items such as a laptop, briefcase, change of clothes, and even a couple of half helmets. It offers a sleek look and is designed for everyday use. Chopped: The medium-sized Tour Pack is 8.7 inches in height at the back and 11 inches at the backseat cushion. It is suitable for carrying 3/4 face helmets and enough gear for an overnight trip. King: The largest Tour Pack is ideal for multi-day travel and for those who frequently carry a substantial amount of gear.

Please note that these measurements do not include the backrest; they pertain only to the Tour Pack itself.

What size Tour Pack do I need?

The choice of Tour Pack size depends on your specific gear-carrying requirements. Many Harley owners already have saddlebags, which are great but not easily detachable. Tour Packs feature a quick-release bracket, allowing you to remove the Tour Pack from your bike and take it with you wherever you go. To determine the appropriate size, simply consider the dimensions and select the Tour Pack that best suits your needs. Many customers opt for multiple Tour Packs to accommodate different purposes, such as rides around town, daily commutes, or extended two-week excursions.

What colors are available for Harley Tour Packs?

We offer a wide range of colors for Tour Packs, with a color match guarantee for any Harley Davidson factory color. Our Tour Packs are available in over 120 colors and counting, providing you with numerous options to match your bike's style and color.

Will a Harley Tour Pack fit my Harley Davidson motorcycle?

All three Tour Pack sizes are designed to fit most Harley Davidson Touring models from 1997 to 2023, as well as the 2018+ Sport Glide, Low Rider, Low Rider S, and Fat Bob models. These sizes are compatible with most bikes, but for precise fitment information for your specific Harley Davidson Motorcycle model, please visit the individual Tour Pack product page on our website or contact our customer support.

Will a Harley Tour Pack fit other brands of bikes?

In short, yes, Tour Packs can be mounted on other motorcycle brands. While our Tour Packs come pre-drilled for Harley Davidson mounting brackets, many non-Harley Davidson motorcycle owners choose to pre-drill the bracket or Tour Pack to align with the holes on their non-HD motorcycles with similar styles, such as Indian motorcycles.

If I order a Harley Tour Pack, will I receive everything needed for installation?

When you order a Harley Tour Pack, you will receive the Tour Pack itself, along with latches, hinges, a new set of keys, and a lock. You have the option to easily replace the lockset with your existing one or choose a Harley lockset. Additionally, you can select hardware in either black or chrome. The Tour Pack comes pre-drilled and is ready for immediate installation. For a complete installation, you will require the mounting bracket and the 4-point docking system, both of which are available on our website.

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